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‏2007-10-31T14:27:37Z |
one of my users was receiving the following error message when trying to add a document "cannot be Indexed".

It was late in the afternoon so we decided to wait to look into it untill the following day. The server was backed up and restarted. The next day indexing worked correctly. We thought maybe it might be because the search manager might have terminated and when the server was restarted it automatically started up again. We can't find any messages that say this had happened I looked in the log file on the server and it keeps stating that indexing failed with a message of "MZstatus = 16393".

Does anyone know what might have happened and what MZstatus = 16393 means?

Thank you,

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    Re: CS Indexing error

    I am not sure what happened, it may be as you said. The error message is a generic catch all error message that does not really help.

    Status Code Hex Decimal Return Value Description
    SPI_SEV_WARNING, 9 4009 16393 SPI_STS_FAILURE The operation has not succeeded.

    If it does not happen again I would not worry about it for now. If you get a more specific error message then you will have a better place to start looking.