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‏2007-10-30T18:17:25Z |

Hi All,

We have a MIDP app that targets both Palm OS and Windoes Mobile.

When we write data to our RMS on Palm OS, everything works fine. However, when the midlet is run on Windows Mobile, the data is not saved in the RMS until the J9 is terminated by stopping the process under the control panel.

It seems the J9 does not "finalize" record stores until it is exited...?

The problem seems that on Windoes Mobile, the 'X' icon in the upper right corner does not really exit the application but rather leaves it running in memory and just removes it from the user's view... Since the Palm OS is a single threaded platform, this does not occur as exiting the midlet also terminates the JVM.

Has anyone experienced this issue and resolved it? Also, is there a way to tell the j9 to terminate when the 'X' icon is triggered?

Thanks for the help,


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    Re: RMS on Windows Mobile


    We fixed the issue by forcing our RMS store to close and reopen each time a value needed to get saved.