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Pinned topic RSA/EMF: How to model EData types with RSA?

‏2007-10-29T17:44:08Z |
In order to create an EMF model I have applied the Ecore profile and I have imported the Ecore primitive types to my UML model.

In a class I need to define a method that references a Java type. In a "plain" Ecore model I would use an EDataType to define the required Java type. In the UML model I have modelled this Java type by an UML Data Type, since the Ecore profile does not provide an EDataType stereotype. But any UML Data Type is simply ignored when exporting the UML model to an Ecore model.

How can I apply the concept of an EDataType within an UML model? Im using RSA

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    Re: RSA/EMF: How to model EData types with RSA?



    Found no solution for the problem, so I push this question.

    Is there a working solution? The EMF Bible suggests using a <<datatype>> stereotype and adding a single attribute which "must have a stereotype of <<javaclass>> and not specify a type."

    This is where i got stuck (RSA 8.5.1). I have no stereotype javaclass for attributes.

    Any help would be great,


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