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‏2007-09-25T19:06:21Z |
Hello ,
The key application that I am testing is a web hosting application called cPanel.
It support windows and almost all flavours of Linux.

I installed SuSE 10 and REDHAT 4 U4 each on a partition in a 2w 520 and both paritions served by one VIOS. Then added PAVE on top with the i386 rpms. This was done without any problem.
cPanel needs to be installed via a public IP address and is done through a very intelligent script that can identify OS (windows or linux) , any virtual environment (like VMware). It also downloads what ever is necessary automatically to customise the Linux flavor. Finally it will also setup the hosting eonvironment and setting up such things as email, user accounts, disk quota and it even customise the http server (we were testing Apache HTTP server x86) to work with it in an seamless web hosting / client enviroment.

In SUSE 10 with PAVE;
cPanel manage to install sucessfully.
Issues :
1. However, there is one feature/command that didn't work. it the diskquota command that cPanel needs to use at Linux level to set disk quota for each web client.
2. Installing the Apache http server ( x 86 version) in the runx86 enviroment terminates the runx86 enviroment.
3. Can't see any volume group , logical volume or physical volume in both ppc and runx86 enviroment. ( commands like pvdisplay, vgdisplay, lvdisplay )

In REDHAT 4 U4 with PAVE.
cPanel did not install completely.
1. Client more comforatable with REDHAT as they uses Fedora mostly in their existing x86 servers.

Would appreciate if anyone with same experience can share some tips or help.

There is a very detail cpanel installation log that I can attach if there is anyone insterested.

Thank you

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    Re: Webhosting applic cPanel + Linux + PAVE

    We need some information from you and therefore We will send an email

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    Re: Webhosting applic cPanel + Linux + PAVE

    could you send us any log files you have. We will install the same product and let you know what we get.