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‏2007-09-25T01:45:58Z |
Hi ,

Can you please help in generating a Restore redirect Script as I have 100's of tablespaces. I browsed through some forums and I found replies where people have used db2ckbkp with -T option and get snapshot for tablespaces with awk.
1) How do you get the db2ckbkp -T to work with backups on TSM.How do I specify the path or location and which is the command used to find the information.
2)How can I determine the Size of the Backup Image on a TSM.
3)How do I generate the Restor Redirect Script with all the paths specified for the 100's of tablespaces.
I know in Version 9 they have come up with the option GENERATE SCRIPT .What is the method to generate Scripts for DB2 V8.UNIX AIX.

I found a link on the IBM site.I tried just executing the file which would generate the SET TABLESPACE containers as I did not want to make changes to the profile.

Please suggest,

Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: DB2 Restore Redirect Scripts


    I would manually pull the backup image from TSM to a local directory, or take another backup to a local directory so you have something to work with. You may be able to provide a path to the file in TSM, but I don't think that would work.

    You should be able to contact your TSM Team to learn how you can query your files. We had an on-line tool when I used to store backups in TSM.

    As for generating a redirected restore script, I think you may be out of luck. When I wanted one of those, I wrote it myself in Korn Shell. Started off with the RESTORE...REDIRECT statement, then I had a SET TABLESPACE CONTAINERS statement for each tablespace in the database.

    I think you're on the right track. Pretty much what I did when I needed to do a redirected restore (still using the script too).