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Pinned topic rpc.statd warnings in syslog

‏2007-09-17T10:34:38Z |

I have reconfigured completly a system (changed IP addresses, hostname, etc.) and still observe following warning in syslog (these warning concerns old hostnames and appears every system reboot in syslog - during rpc services starup I guess)
Sep 17 10:15:39 clnode02 daemon:warn|warning statd753738: statd: host testnode is not responding
Sep 17 10:18:39 clnode02 daemon:warn|warning statd753738: statd: host training01 is not responding
I have grepped all files in /etc and found no files containing old hostname(s).

Anyone has an idea how to rid off this warnings in syslog?
Thank you very much in advance!
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    Re: rpc.statd warnings in syslog


    Sorry this is such a late reply (6 years??) but if you've come here from Google... this is the first result you find when looking for this error message.

    I'm not sure how this data gets stale but in my case I had a bunch of invalid hostnames being reported back from rpc.statd and I just wanted to purge the data.

    You need to check the following directories:

    - /var/statmon/sm/

    - /var/statmon/sm.bak/


    And maybe clear them out:


    sudo stopsrc -s rpc.statd

    sudo rm -f /var/statmon/sm/* /var/statmon/sm.bak/*

    sudo startsrc -s rpc.statd