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Pinned topic Where to get support for IBM ServeRAID on Linux

‏2007-09-13T04:29:00Z |
Please note that this forum is for software products on x86 Linux systems. I have spent some time finding and communicating with the ServeRAID support folks and have gathered in this posting some information that might help all of you who have come here looking for ServeRAID information.

Please use the IBM System Storage forum for general questions on ServeRAID adapters. This includes questions on how to configure or control ServeRAID devices and other ServeRAID issues.

If you have a warranty issue, during the warranty period, contact IBM or your reseller to obtain warranty service. In the United States, the IBM warranty number is 1-800-IBM-SERV. See IBM Statement of Limited Warranty for details on warranty coverage.

For questions about drivers for a particular distribution, check the Disk controller and RAID software matrix.

If you are trying to use the device on an unsupported operating system, ask in the IBM System Storage forum in case someone else has already tried it. If your distribution is a clone of a supported one, you might be in luck. If you want to run on an ancient distribution or a bleeding edge one, or something totally different you may be out of luck.

The following documents might also help you.
Monitoring and managing RAID devices using ServeRAID Manager
Troubleshooting ServeRAID manager.

If you have further questions, please direct them to the IBM System Storage forum.

Ian Shields