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Pinned topic Destination z members: How to use this forum

‏2007-08-22T16:34:05Z |
Hi and welcome again--

This discussion forum is open to all, but is especially for the Destination z community. It's your place to seek guidance on anything mainframe from the community itself. We at IBM will be watching to help move the conversation along, but this area belongs to you, the Destination z community. If you'd like to join the Destination z community, visit our partner pages at .

If you have an issue you would like to discuss, or a question you would like to ask the community, click "Post New Topic" (in the upper left corner) and enter your comments. Or, click a title under Topic, see what others are saying, and add your comments to that topic by clicking "Post new reply" (upper right corner).

Destination z partners: You can use this forum to tell us at IBM what more you need from the Destination z program, reach out to other partners, discuss your experiences--whether from a technical or a business standpoint, and just find out what others are saying.

As we build the Destination z community, we also hope other sections of the mainframe community will use this forum to talk to each other. Customers can find partners and their solutions, mainframe users can connect with the academic community to find out how to build skills, and everyone can share tips and techniques that have made them successful with the mainframe.

Keep in mind, if you have detailed technical issues with the IBM System z platform, you need to use your IBM Technical Support channels. If you don't know how to reach IBM Support, start here: . Or, contact your IBM representative.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Paul Dreyfus