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Pinned topic How to use 'axf:printer-marks' with url option?

‏2007-08-20T21:27:26Z |
I use Antenna House formatter, The following extension 'axf:printer-marks' has an option to use URL which picks an external graphic file.The syntax I used is as follows:

<fo:simple-page-master master-name="..."
xsl:use-attribute-sets="page-dimensions" axf:crop-offset="0.5in" axf:bleed="0.2in" axf:printer-marks="url(C:\...\...\...\...\...\CropMarksBL.eps)">....</fo:...>

I was expecting to see cropmarks from the graphic file on the corners of page but to my surprise I just see a Grey border with 0.5in on all sides of page.

Is the syntax right? please explain, An example would help.

Also in the above fragment of code I just tryed to use one graphic file.How to use multiple graphic files?