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Pinned topic RAD6, create Web service client can't find published wsdl file

‏2007-08-20T18:48:35Z |
machine has WAS v6 running one node with the IBM UDDI registry and one node with a deployed web service. Service is published in the UDDI registry with access point:
I can open the WSDL in a browser via
I open the Web Services Explorer in RAD and point it to the local registry. It finds the service, and then I try to import it into a new client web service project. The first clue that something's wrong is this text in the WSDL URL field for Service Details: "IWAB0127E The WSDL document is unreachable.". If I try to import the service it comes back with a status = "IWAB0132E Unable to write temporary file.".

I think I must have published or configured something incorrectly. Should the registry contain a direct pointer to the wsdl file somewhere? How should the import function access the wsdl from the registry?