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Pinned topic MetaStage setup - High Level Requirements, Best Practices etc

‏2007-08-19T05:40:46Z |
I am a newbie to the WebSphere suite of products (MetaStage, DataStage etc). I am looking to gather some information relating to high level requirements, best practices, lessons learnt etc in setting up MetaStage.

I am looking to use MetaStage to gather metadata from Business Objects, DataStage, ERWin, ORacle (staging database). Any related information/links to information in this regard would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: MetaStage setup - High Level Requirements, Best Practices etc

    I think current best practice is to avoid it! The MetaStage brokers are a bit old now - ErWin 4 but not ErWin 7, no Cognos 8 etc. Skip this product and move straight to the Metadata Server if you have data lineage and impact analysis requirements. You can even stay with DataStage 7 with the Metadata Server if you run them on different machines - just import the DataStage 7 projects into the Metadata Server for documentation and metadata purposes. This will leave you in a good position to move to DataStage 8 when you are ready and gives you access to the successor to MetaStage - the Metadata Workbench.

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