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Pinned topic MetaStage - Now known as WebSpere MetaData Server ??

‏2007-08-19T07:30:56Z |
OK, this may sound like a silly question. But has the MetaStage product/(s) been renamed with V8 to the following-

Server component - WebSphere Metadata Server
Client component - IBM Metadata Workbench

Please help !
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  • borstel
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    Re: MetaStage - Now known as WebSpere MetaData Server ??

    The MetaStage product has been discontinued in June 2007 and is now being replaced by WebSphere Metadata Workbench.
  • vmcburney
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    Re: MetaStage - Now known as WebSpere MetaData Server ??

    The requirement to have separate DataStage and MetaStage repositories is gone - DataStage now uses the Metadata Server repository along with QualityStage and Information Analyzer.

    There are some extra metadata functions in the DataStage Designer such as compare job and impact analysis.

    There are also some metadata reports in the Information Server console - but the bulk of metadata reporting is in the new Metadata Workbench tool. It's got the model query and data lineage. It takes the best parts of MetaStage and Unicorn but is mostly a new product. There are other metadata products released (Business Glossary) or coming (FastTrack).

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