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IBM Visual Configuration Explorer (VCE) enables application developers, system administrators, and technical support personnel to visualize, explore, and analyze configuration information from diverse sources. VCE currently includes robust support for the IBM WebSphere family of products. You can use VCE to perform the following tasks:
-Compare development, test, and production configurations.
-Search one or more configurations for specific properties.
-Export selected property sets and the results of searches and comparisons.
-Create diagrams that show configuration information in a graphical format, including key relationships between property sets.
-Define rules to validate configurations (including cross-product configurations).
-Save, restore, and share the content of configuration analysis sessions.

For a more detailed overview of VCE, see the IBM developerWorks article Get to know the Visual Configuration Explorer: uth/0710_supauth.html

If you would like to download and install VCE, see the next see the forum thread, Getting Started with Visual Configuration Explorer: mp;tstart=0
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    We want to install IBM Assistant Support Agent, do you know where we can get it?