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Pinned topic End of IDS 11 Open Beta - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

‏2007-07-31T05:30:03Z |
Thanks to all of the participants and Informix engineers that helped to make this open beta a TOTAL success. As most of you know, this is the first time an open beta program was run for an Informix product - but we will SURELY be doing it again!

Among many other statistics I could share with you, the most impressive is that we increased our exposure to customers prior to release more than 6,500% over the previous IDS release (yes, that's right - more than sixty-five thousand percent)!!!! That kind of exposure translates directly into dollars (which translates into MORE features for future IDS releases!)!

Please note that the download site will not be available for downloads after July 30.

Remember to visit the IDS information site often for the latest information: And continue to frequent this forum to see what other customers are doing with IDS.

Thanks to all - customers and IBMers both - for making this IDS 11 Open Beta program such a huge success!

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