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Pinned topic how does the linkage between ClearCase and ClearDDTS work

‏2007-07-25T19:17:56Z |
my development team is trying to determine how ClearCase and ClearDDTS are woking together. The engine that setup ClearCase for us is no longer on the team. We are trying to eveluate tools other than ClearDDTS ...but still using ClearCase.

We cannot deliver an activity to the integration stream until a ClearDDTS record that contains a field with the same activity name has been transitioned to a "delivered" state. So what is the mechanism that is enabling this ? Is it the way ClearCase was configured at setup ? Or the way ClearDDTS was configured ? We'd like to be able to change this ...we may need the ability to make and deliver activities without need ClearDDTS.

thanks for your help.