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Pinned topic AIX / HPC Stack Support Levels

‏2007-07-20T08:10:19Z |
Is there or can there be a table someplace of what levels of AIX are supported with what levels of HPC stack?
E.g., GPFS 3.1 is AIX 5.2 or 5.3, 3.2 is ?
CSM 1.5 is 5.2 or 5.3, 1.6 is 5.3 only.
When known and publishable, projected level or upcoming releases would also be useful for planning purposes.
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  • gcorneau
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    Re: AIX / HPC Stack Support Levels

    There are some charts in the Cluster Software Ordering Guide (pages 58, 59) that list some of the HPC stack applications and which version of AIX they are supported. It does not provide futures information.

    Glen Corneau
    IBM System p Advanced Technical Support
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: AIX / HPC Stack Support Levels

    Thanks, interesting.
    By the power4 HPS SP 22 README both CSM 1.6 and GPFS 3.1 are supported only on AIX 5.3, the ordering guide says both are supported on 5.2.
    I knew GPFS 3.1 support was added for 5.2 last fall.
    From a recent PMR I thought CSM 1.6 was still only 5.3.
    It does get a bit confusing.