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Pinned topic New Version of System p AVE Beta is Now Available!!!!!

‏2007-07-11T14:33:49Z |
Today we have a new beta version available for System p AVE. We are requesting that you re-test your application or test a new application with this new version and provide us feedback on or before Wednesday July 18th. Please send a request to this week to get access. This version will not be available on the web site.

The new version has many enhancements including installation improvements, security features, and reliability improvements.

We realize that this is a short window, but this will help us get System p AVE to commercially available status more quickly and help you get the value from System p AVE in your organization sooner. We place a significant value on the testing and feedback from our Open Beta testers in order to help deliver a high quality offering and appreciate your time and effort with this test.

Thank you for your continued support of System p AVE and IBM! We appreciate your willingness to try our products early to help improve their quality for all users.