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Pinned topic CICSPlex EVENT vs EACTNTFN

‏2007-07-11T12:41:37Z |

I am using CICSPlex SM to monitor various situations.
I am keeping track of the status of those situations in my code.
I use GET/FETCH on the EVENT table to extract the initial status when my
program comes up.
Then I use LISTEN/RECEIVE for EACTNTFN events to get status updates.

I realized that some events don't have resource type and name like
!!SAMSOS which I understand and which is just fine with me.

Now the problem:

When I define a STATDEF (TEST) to run a status program (TESTPROG) I have
an event in the EVENT table (NAME=TEST) without resource type and name.
The EACTNTFN event however contains resource type PROGRAM and resource
This is a problem because I cannot map the initial status (from EVENT)
with the status updates (from EACTNTFN).

More than that if I have a EVALDEF for table PROGRAM and a query that
matches for TESTPROG I receive an event in EACTNTFN taht also has
resource type PROGRAM and resource name TESTPROG.

How can I distiguish the two?

Thanks a lot,