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Pinned topic transmit added/ edited complex data to SAP R/3

‏2007-07-10T09:45:15Z |
Hi all,

I'm trying to transmit new added/ edited table data to an SAP system. Therefore I use a variable (it uses a special import type of the designated BAPI) if I generate some sample entry I will get the folowing entry:

<TDLINE xmlns="">string</TDLINE>

So my question is how is it possible (1) and what builders are necessary (2) to get the data out of the input fields (textarea, textfiels...) store (3) it in the variable and submit it to the SAP System?

Currently Im using an SAP Function Call Builder, an ActionList Builder - storing the data at the variables - and a submit button Builder which is calling the ActionList, but I assume there must be more because it's not a primitive data type, so may I have to use a schema Builder or anything else?

Does anyone have a clue or maybe a tutorial (how to transfer data of complex data types to a SAP system)?

Many thanks in advance, Florian