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‏2007-07-09T21:43:02Z |
running the install on a new p5 550Q.

during bootup, I get the following error:

RTAS daemon started
rpaphp: setup_pci_slot: no pci_dev for bridge dn {+u§ÿÐøvº¬ß{1¿XÃ]t
i8042.c: i8042 controller self test timeout.
Hardware probing, this will take about 20 seconds, please wait...Do
Available memory: 109860 KB
Your system does not have enough memory to run IBM Installation Too
You need additional 350140 KB of memory
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

(Yes, the text in the rpaphp: section -is- garbled like that)

This system has 16GB of memory.
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    Re: error installing

    ‏2007-07-10T13:36:44Z  in response to SystemAdmin

    I apologize for taking more than one day to answer your post. Yesterday was a holiday to our team.

    The earlier version of the IBM Installation Toolkit suffered of this problem on some machines. The kernel would not recognize the entire memory during boot time, and would complain about not having enough memory to use the system.

    Are you using the newest version of the tool? When booting, it should tell you that its time stamp is:

    Version 2.0
    Timestamp 250407160819

    Let me know what your results are. If you still face this problem, then I'll fill out a fix request for this problem and watch the progress.

    Rodrigo Ceron