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Dear All,

We are trying to get content from IBM Websphere Portal v5.1 and display in our SAP portal . The content in IBM portal is stored in portlets . IBM recommended us to call their JSR 168 API's to just grab the content. We only want the content not the formatting. We cannot use URL iviews as their URL has not only the content but also a navigation panel , and we do not want the navigation panel.

I believe our Portal EP 7.0 can support JSR 168 compliant API from some of the information we found in SDN . But we are not able to locate the any how to guide on how to call such API from SAP whether from ABAP or Java we have no idea. Does anyone have something like a How to guide/ even sample code on how to call JSR 168 API or how can I proceed with this.

Best Rgds
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    Re: JSR 168 APIs


    Are you using portlet factory? If so, you can make use of the APIs in a Java class and then pull it into the model with an LJO or you can write your code in a method builder and use the APIs there as well. You will need to add import statements to the method builder to import the API packages.

    Also, you may need to add the portlet.jar to your core plugin lib and update the plugin.xml.