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‏2007-06-29T06:54:51Z |
Thank you for participating in our System pTM Application Virtual Environment (p AVE) Beta Program. We hope that your experience has been positive and that you see the potential benefits from using the p AVE tool in your IT environment.

Most users we speak to feel that System p servers offer them advantages in performance, scalability and the ability to reduce IT costs through server consolidation using our advanced virtrualization technology. These servers support AIX®, IBMs industrial-strength UNIX operating system, as well as Linux® operating system distributions from Red Hat and Novell. System p AVE has been designed to allow these servers to run most x86 Linux application binaries so that more applications can take advantage of the advanced capabilities of these servers.

The response to the Open Beta program has been tremendous, with a large community of companies testing the product since the program was launched on April 23rd. While we haven't heard from all these companies, the feedback that we have received has been positive. Most of the issues raised during Open Beta pertain to usability. We are working to address these and other concerns and want to extend our appreciation for your feedback. If you would like to share with us additional feedback, we are providing a feedback form at the end of this communication for your use.

We are now building our plans for launching a commercially available version of the tool. If your testing has proven successful and you are satisfied with the experience with System p AVE, we would like you to consider providing us with a testimonial that we could use at our launch. This testimonial could be used to get your message out into the market and convey your innovative spirit to your clients. In your testimonial you may want to indicate how you might use p AVE or the benefits you envision it will provide or the experience that you have had during testing.

We appreciate your consideration for a testimonial and we will work with you and your PR department to utilize this in whatever ways that you approve.

Please let us know whether you would like to provide a testimonial and with whom we should communicate to discuss this further.

Thanks again for your participation in our program!


Please send feedback including, but not limited to answers to these questions to:

a) What Linux OS version did you use with System p AVE testing? What version will you use for production in the future?

b) What applications (and versions) did you test?

c) What implementation languages were used for those applications?

d) Does your application suite require applications running in a System p AVE environment to call applications not running in a System p AVE environment?

e) Does your application suite include IBM middleware that is already running natively on Linux on POWERTM?

f) Was your testing limited to simple experiments or did it cover extensive testing to prove your applications would run appropriately in a production environment? Explain.

g) Do you have any serious concerns with the new version of System p AVE that would prevent you from deploying the product for production use in the future? Explain.

h) Other feedback