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‏2007-06-24T23:39:39Z |
I am trying to install IBM MQ Workflow runtime on my personal laptop (standalone).
I followed the steps mentioned in the installation guide and everything was installed properly (after series of installation/un-installation proceses). I can now connect to runtime client (I got the tree view) but when I run the FMCZCHK utility, I found two errors:
FMC34nnnE: QM switch file (64 bit) no found for FMCQM in Queue manager FMCQM registry
FMC34032E: Cannot load QM switch file library db2swit.dll: The specified module could not be found (rc = 126).

I am not able to work properly with runtime. I have checked "db2swit.dll" and found it at "C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere MQ Workflow\DB2SWIT" which is the location set in the FMCQM properties.
I have attached the FMCZCHK log file. I have created a totally new configuration (FMC2) with 'FMCDB5' & 'FMCBTDB5' databases to avoid contention with earlier setup (which I already removed before creating this new configuration).

Please advice what needs to be done to fix these errors.

Thank you
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    please ignore this post. it was posted without subject in error.
    (I can say that the error is on IBM side as "Subject" was a mandatory field and it allowed me to post the topic without any Subject).

    Anyway, I have posted a new topic with same verbiage but a Subject line.. please post your replies to that thread..

    Thank you.