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‏2007-06-19T14:37:32Z |
We are trying to convert existing web services deployed on apache and written in Plex which is a code generator, into Java running on Websphere. In addition to this, we thought it would be a great idea to implement some sort of management console so that administrators could turn off/on each web service.
Our initial idea was to create an architecture that would allows us to do that (see attached file) but I am finding the task a bit more challenging than expected. Currently, I believe the marshalling/unmarshalling will be done with Castor but I am not sure if the idea of routing all web services via the same url is feasible.
All ideas are very welcome, and please do not hesitate especially if you think the whole concept is faulty. Thank you

ps: I forgot to mention that, ideally we would like to replace exsting web services, thus providing a seemless experience to the customer.
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