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‏2007-05-09T05:09:08Z |

We have a sample Plug-in environment Java application downloaded from

IBM library. We have downloaded the source files org.eclipse.testworkbenchapp_1.0.0.jar and tried running the application on desktop PC, this worked fine.
We are using Eclipse 3.2 to run this Java application on Desktop.

Now, we are trying to run the same application on Intermec Windows Mobile 5.0 device.
The device has IBM J9 WebSphere MicroEnvironment MIDP 2.0 for Windows Mobile2003 installed in it.

1.On installing this on Windows Mobile, in Start Programs we find MIDlet HQ - on launching this, opens a window with Install button.

2.On Click on Install button, another window opens which asks for URL to install.

3.In the URL Edit box, I give file:////Org.Eclipse.testWorkbenchapp.feature_1.0.0.jar which is present in \MyDocuments\Update site folder copied from desktop workspace via Active sync As mentioned in the above IBM library site.

4.I have also tried file:////MyDocuments\Updatesite\Org.Eclipse.testWorkbenchapp.feature_1.0.0.jar as input to URL.

5. On click OK, I get an error titled AMS Error with description The application descriptor was missing the required MIDlet Name field.

6. I am held up here and not able to move further.

As mentioned in the above IBM library site I tried downloading the update site folder via Eclipse Software Updates Find and Install in Help menu.

I selected Search for new features to install and browsed the Update site folder location present in my Eclipse workspace. This also does not work.

Basically, I need to know how to run a simple Hello World Java application on Windows Mobile.

Any help in this regard in greatly appreciated as it is very urgent for our Project.