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Pinned topic pAVE and Windows

‏2007-04-28T07:58:39Z |
I have WINE running under pAVE and then running Windows Solitire (the ultimate Windows compatibility code!!) - which works fine.
The question is will this be supported?
I guess Microsoft will not support this and there may be clauses in that end user licences that no one actually reads. So I think the problem is I am not sure what I mean by "support".

I have also been asked about running the Linux on x86 version of VMware Server.
I think VMware might break one of the pAVE rules for supported applications like it needs direct access to hardware.
Can you confirm or deny VMware will work and is supported?

thanks, N
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  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: pAVE and Windows

    ‏2007-05-01T14:50:32Z  in response to nagger
    It is great to know WINE runs fine on pAVE. We have not tried to install VmWare on pAVE as it needs access to the hardware. Even if runs we still have to find if there is support. We will try to get you info on the support for WINE and VmWare.

    • KaiserSaeed
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      Re: pAVE and Windows

      ‏2007-05-02T16:52:38Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      Hi -

      Glad to know that WINE runs successfully on pAVe.

      pAVE supports the installation and running of most 32-bit Linux applications on System p. Please, make sure the application does meet the qualifications ( for being a good pAVE candidate.

      I think, VMWare has dependency on x86 architecture ? Please, do let us know how your testing goes. By the way, are you trying to fulfill a business objective or simply trying to see what works and what doesn't.

      Please, refer to the pAVE website ( for moe information and tutorials.