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‏2007-04-20T02:15:23Z |
Last week Per Kroll and myself did a live online chat regarding agile software development at scale. One of the topics that was brought up was whether or not you can be agile with the RUP. The answer was a definite yes. I first wrote about how to be agile with RUP in my Agile Modeling book ( and over the years have expanded upon those ideas. Craig Larman, Per Kroll, Bruce MacIsaac, Ivar Jacobson, and many others have also written about how to be agile with RUP.

Anyway, the transcript of the entire chat can be found at for anyone interested.

I just thought that this might be an interesting topic to discuss.

  • Scott
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    Re: Agile RUP?

    ‏2007-04-20T20:40:22Z  in response to ScottAmbler
    The live chat transcript is an excellent read. It shows that while Agile is hot these days, not everyone is completely sold on whether or not RUP is Agile.

    I agree with Scott and the other authors that he references, RUP can indeed be extremely agile if a conscious effort is made to make it so.

    I have spent about the last 4 years adopting a much more agile PM style when using RUP, and project management has never been more fun. Modern PM practices are about adapting style and tasks on a daily basis based on what's currently working, not on what some predefined sequential methodology dictates.

    RUP provides an extensive toolkit from which we can select the MINIMUM required tools to get the job done, without increasing risks too much due to lack of rigor. Those who don't take time to learn what the toolbox contains may unfortunately and unnecessarily be intimidated by their perceived size of RUP.

    Additionally, the wonderful social engineering ideas that the agile community has provided blends extremely well with HOW we produce our RUP work products in a collaborative and efficient fashion.

    Mark Lines
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      Re: Agile RUP?

      ‏2009-02-15T18:18:38Z  in response to Mark.Lines
      RUP can definitely be done in an agile way. Of course you have to be careful in which parts of the RUP you actually adopt, because the framework can also lead to a process that is bureaucratic, process heavy and complex to the point of incomprehensibility.

      Recently I have been blogging on what portions of the RUP that I consider important to scaling up agile while staying lightweight and pragmatic .

      Jeff Anderson
      Agile Consulting