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Pinned topic ODBC Driver for AS/400 V4R3M00002

‏2007-04-16T21:13:08Z |
I am trying to use the ODBC driver included in iSeries Access for Linux V5.4 and it produces a Internal Driver Error. I used cwbtrc program to log what happens. Below is a snip of the file in ~/iSeriesAccess showing the following:

04/13/2007;16:02:00.744;ODBC;17256;-1212045648;10008;server level: V4R3M00002
04/13/2007;16:02:00.744;ODBC;17256;-1212045648;10008;Driver does not support this server version
04/13/2007;16:02:00.744;ODBC;17256;-1212045648;10008;odbcerr.storeError Entry
04/13/2007;16:02:00.744;ODBC;17256;-1212045648;10008;odbcerr.finishAndInsertErr Entry
04/13/2007;16:02:00.745;ODBC;17256;-1212045648;10009;err: IBMiSeries Access ODBC DriverInternal driver error. dsn: sys: aca400a row: -1 col: 4294967295
04/13/2007;16:02:00.745;ODBC;17256;-1212045648;10008;odbcerr.finishAndInsertErr Exit
04/13/2007;16:02:00.745;ODBC;17256;-1212045648;10008;odbcerr.storeError Exit
04/13/2007;16:02:00.745;Comm-API;17256;-1212045648;10002;cwbCO_Disconnect Entry

I'm guessing the line that says, "Driver does not support this server version" is my problem. Is there an ODBC driver available for V4R3 AS/400s? Is there a way to get this ODBC driver to work?
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    Re: ODBC Driver for AS/400 V4R3M00002

    The "Driver does not support this server version" message refers that the fact that in V5R3 the support to connect to server versions earlier that V5R4 was removed. So there is not way to make the driver works, but you have to options:

    1.- To upgrade your server at least to V4R4

    2.- To use JDBC, the JDBC drivers are backwards compatible. Thus you can use the latest JDBC driver with earlier versions of i5/OS. You cannot go the other way though. We do not support a backlevel version of the JDBC driver with a newer version of i5/OS.

    However, we only suggest and support connections to N-2, N-1, and N releases of i5/OS with the N release JDBC driver.