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Pinned topic OOM while performing lots of INSERT Statements on PDA

‏2007-03-17T09:29:25Z |
I'm trying to insert about 30000 records on 10 tables in Cloudscape 10.1 using both Bulk Import and classic Inserts.
I tried to set PageCache according to this Derby Document
but I'm still having Out of Memory while Inerting.
My JVM MaxHeap is -Xmx40m Cloudscape Pagecachesize = 40 and PageSize = 4096; I think I'm using the lower values possible; Afeter inserting the half of records I get the OOM error!!!
I'm working with IBM J9 vm on Windows CE. My App uses 8MB and the memory available on the device is 70mb.
What else can I do to make my application run???
Thanks in Advance for your Help
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    Re: OOM while performing lots of INSERT Statements on PDA

    Hi -
    I haven't worked with Derby in minimal environments like this so can't speak from experience what maxHeap setting might work. Focusing on the error: the OOM indicates that the JVM, your application and Derby combined need more than the 40Mb the JVM has available to allocate. Try increasing the memory allocated to the JVM (-Xmx) to see if you can get the process to complete. I have always been told not to set this higher than the amount of physical memory of the device.

    Also, if you are not using 10.2.2 it would be good to upgrade to insure you have the benefits of the most recent fixes in the codeline. Adding more physical memory so a higher maxHeap can be set would, of course, help resolve problems if the OOMs continue.

    The derby-user mail list at Apache might be a good place to raise the issue of running Derby on PDAs. I did a quick search and there have been a few posts about Derby on PDAs but nothing specific about memory or configurations. The Derby-users could offer you advice from their experience.