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‏2007-03-05T13:55:36Z |
I have installed cloudscape with Tivoli provisioning fast start, and now I would like to uninstall it because I can not install now the full version of Provisioning. How and where to uninstall cloudscape is now the question. Please help
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    Re: Remove Cloudscape

    Was Cloudscape part of the Tivoli install? If so, I wonder if one of the Tivoli Provisioning forums could give you an authoritative reply on how to deinstall the first product and install the second (including any Cloudscape cleanup that is needed)? I spotted these two forums:

    Tivolic Provisioning Manager Express forum

    Tivoli Provisioning Manager and Intelligent Orchestrator Automation Package Development Environment

    I hope this helps. If it doesn't, please post again and I'll help you untangle it.