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Welcome to the DB2 Express-C Forum! This forum is the primary site for free community based assistance with IBM DB2 Express-C database software.

Our aim behind releasing DB2 Express-C is to provide a world-class database product for everyone, and this forum is meant to help bring all those users together as a community. IBM experts are involved in monitoring and posting to this forum, but we actively encourage everyone in this community to contribute and assist one another.

Most answers to common DB2 Express-C questions have been posted somewhere ... it's just a matter of finding them! This post aims to provide you with tools to find the answers you need.

1. Google is your friend. Google ( catalogs all of the official DB2 documentation, along with many articles, white papers, forum posts, etc.

2. Use the official DB2 documentation (Information Center) directly:

3. Check for answers in the DB2 Express-C Wiki:
This wiki is a community maintained site that aims to provide quick, but technical, answers to common issues and questions.

4. Search within this forum -- the "Search for" bar directly above every forum posting is capable of returning all matching hits to your search terms. By default, it will search only this DB2 Express-C forum, but you can expand the search realm as you see fit.

5. Search for articles/tutorials in the developerWorks Technical library:

6. Review official technotes, FAQs and bug reports (within IBM, a bug report is called an APAR):

If you have a problem or a question that you cannot resolve using the methods listed above, simply add a new thread in this forum! In order to help others solve your problem, please provide as much detail as possible in your post, including:
* operating system (Windows or Linux, and what specific version you are running)
* system architecture (32-bit, 64-bit, PPC)
* complete text of any error message(s)
* anything you may have already tried to fix the problem

Please do not send unsolicited emails to the address. This email address is mainly meant for administrative functions, and you will have much better success if you post your problem or question to the forum, where everyone can view and respond to it.

IBM DB2 Express-C is a great product, and DB2 Express-C users are some of the best, most knowledgeable and innovative people on Earth. We hope that using it will help to make your world a better place.

Ian Hakes
IBM DB2 Express Community Facilitator
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