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Pinned topic IBM test # 486 OOAD-UML certification update

‏2007-01-28T22:11:00Z |
In response to the personal email inquiries that i receive about this test, I thought it would help the community to post recent news about this test. This test has been withdrawn on December 31st, 2006 and those wishing to obtain this certification will not be able to do so. This test # 486 was the first of the four tests from IBM to obtain websphere certification, however now the IBM has moved to the latest version of the websphere and requires only two exams, see the IBM certification website for details.

In any case writing the single test # 486 would not help one to obtain IBM certification, one had to write all the four tests. I hope this answers some of your questions.

There has been difficulty for the software community to obtain information/ or answer questions regarding IBM certifications. IBM does not have a phone inquiry to call & ask questions about a certification at present. Their email reply generally takes between 1-2 days should one wish to contact them and ask questions regarding their certifications.

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