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Pinned topic My JSP page not compiling

‏2007-01-22T22:49:44Z |
Hi everyone. I have recently installed WebSphere 5.1 on my computer and I have imported an EAR file for an application I'm working on. I tried to modify a JSP page but it seems like my code changes are not taking and the JSP page is not recompiling. I found a work around to my issue by basically opening the page in TextPad, make my changes there, and then save the file. This way Websphere sees a change and then recompiles the JSP. If I make any changes through the websphere editor, websphere does not recognize the changes. What I mean is if you look at the JSP file in Windows Explorer it still has the original Modified Date no matter how many times you change and save the file and no matter how many times I refresh Windows Explorer. However, if I open the file in TextPad you see the code change I made, its just that the Modified Date is not updated. Once I change the file in TextPad and save it, the Modified Date updates, and WebSphere recompiles the JSP.

Why is websphere not recognizing my changes when I do it through the development environment? Could there be a problem with my install or is there a setting/parameter I need to set? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!