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Pinned topic ObjectStoreFullException Using JMS Client

‏2007-01-03T22:16:47Z |
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ObjectStoreFullException Using JMS Client
Originally posted: 2007 Jan 03 05:08 PM
anishpyne Post new reply

I am getting the following exception intermittently while using the IBM JMS client.

10 217 1/2/07 10:24:00:055 EST 3-008-0002
11 218 1/2/07 10:26:00:051 EST 5-004-0001

The code which i used to send the JMS messages is as follows:-
Session session =
connection.createSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
Destination dest = (Destination) ctx.lookup(JMS_ALERT_EMAIL_QUEUE);
MessageProducer producer = session.createProducer(dest);

TextMessage message = null;
String alrtId = null;
try {
for(Iterator itr = alertIds.iterator();itr.hasNext();){
message = session.createTextMessage();
alrtId = (String);

} finally {
if (session != null) {

Can anybody please suggest what might be causing the ObjectStoreFull exception?