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Pinned topic Problems accessing a cloudscape db

‏2006-12-22T14:13:05Z |
Our customer is using the offline client of LMS (Learning management system). This client is storing the learning status in cloudscape. Sonce they were not able to synchronize this DB with the server, they decided to backup this DB for later processing. Now they cant open this DB and ask the local IBM team for help.

Using CView version 5.1.600000018 produces the following error messages :
Database access resulted in SQL exception:
SQLState , Error code 40000, Message:
Failed to start database 'Z909FIDL0314\db2j\lsnext', see the next exception for details.
SQLState , Error code 20000, Message:
Class not found during restore of a serializable or SQLData object of class

The DB is encryted with bootPassword=Q956H8Sc7bW85cTz
Db is attached. Any help is welcome.
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    Re: Problems accessing a cloudscape db

    It looks like your attachment didn't make it. Please send it to me at