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Pinned topic Keyboard shortcuts in Diff Merge?

‏2006-12-13T22:44:57Z |
I want to use the keyboard to drive the diff merge tool. I can't find any way to select the version (or any of the buttons on the button toolbar) using only the keyboard.
I can't be only one who wants to do this.

I tried searching, but all searches I tried came up blank (including the words: "help" "what" "Keyboard" "diff" "merge"), so I assume that search is broken.
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    Re: Keyboard shortcuts in Diff Merge?


    Although an old question, I couldnt find an answer using Google too.

    Even though no such shortcut exists that I know of in the tool, a workaround is to use KDiff3. It integrates with Clearcase and also provides shortcuts for the operations desired [^1 for contributor 1, ^2 for contributor 2].