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Pinned topic Welcome to the HPC Central Technical Forum!

‏2006-12-12T18:40:31Z |
Welcome to the HPC Central Technical Forum! Our professional community works best when people follow a few standards:

[b]Stay on topic[/b]
Each discussion topic has a focus. Please be sure your comments fit within the guidelines of that topic.

[b]Keep your posts clean[/b]
When writing, please keep it professional by avoiding vulgar and obscene language.

[b]Avoid personal attacks[/b]
You are encouraged to respond to other postings and when appropriate, to take issue with their contents. In these cases, please do express your disagreement with the views and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Do not resort to personal attacks, insults, abuse, or harassment.

[b]Don't post commercial advertisements[/b]
These forums are not the place to post unsolicited advertisements for products.

[b]IBM won't pre-announce products or features[/b]
On these public forums, you won't get a satisfying answer to questions like "when will feature X be available?". The best route is to discuss your needs with your salesperson. Under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), you should be able to get the information you need.

[i]Our community is most useful when more people get involved. So post your thoughts and questions! Don't ever worry about communicating too much. We welcome your thoughts on how to improve our evolving community. Every contribution is valuable and appreciated.[/i]