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Pinned topic Same application - Throws CORBA Exception in a new server in new cell

‏2006-12-06T15:31:52Z |
The application is deployed on WAS 51 and it is working fine.

Another WAS51 Server is created on another cell, with the same configuration. Surprisingly it is not behaving the same way with the same EAR, and throwing the following Exception:

java.rmi.MarshalException: CORBA MARSHAL 0x4942f896 No; nested exception is:
org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL: Unable to read value from underlying bridge : vmcid: IBM minor code: 896 completed: No.............

Seems to me as there is no change in the code (because same ear file is deployed on the new server). It seems to be the server is not created the exact the sameway?

Any ideas/thoughts? Thanks in advance.