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‏2006-12-01T04:15:12Z |
I'm Marc and I help manage Community on developerWorks Rational. I am writing about three separate items: attachments, steep books discounts in exchange for helping with a brief survey, and the relatively new Rational newsletter.

1) Finally, at long last, these developerWorks forums support file attachments. All attachments will go out via the email list. For people that post via the web, you'll notice an option for "Attach file" underneath the "Text" input box. For those that post via email, the process isn't yet perfect and in fact will rely on a manual step. So your message will not have the attachment immediately but within a day or two it will be manually attached. Feel free to send me a separate message with the file and it'll probably get attached a bit quicker then otherwise (but use a clear subject like "file to be attached" and not simply a copy of your posting). If you have an older posting that you'd like enhanced with an attachment, please send me the link to your posting and also the file.

2) We'd like to know how you use the developerWorks Rational site and what you think about its contents. Answer nine simple questions, and you'll get a steep (40%) discount on Pearson technology books. Let us hear from you today at:

3) A fairly new dW Rational newsletter is being emailed every other week. It lists the new Rational content on developerWorks and also any other major items of interest to Rational customers. Sign up at:

Sincerely yours, Marc

Marc Siegel
IBM Rational developerWorks Community Manager
408.463.5278, email: marcsiegel at, AIM: marcsiegel10
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