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Pinned topic Having Problems in preparing Impact Analysis Report

‏2006-11-30T19:12:54Z |

I've observed one thing that after running impact analysis > Column Definitions to All Source Columns on a column from a table in an Import category, it is showing all the jobs,tables,links to which it has relationship with, in path viewer window of metastage explorer.
But while preparing report by following steps, it is not showing any of these relationships in report
the steps used to prepare report are
1)Right-clicked on the background space in the diagram(path viewer window) and selected on-line documentation.
2)Clicked on the at the end of the Document Template file and selected PID-Finder.xml
3)Changed the extension of the Document Output file to .htm instead of .xml.
4)On the Postprocessor drop-down list, selected the MSXSLT selection.
5)Clicked on the at the end of the Postprocessor Transform file and selected AllColumnSources.xml
6)Clicked on Create. after finishing clicked on View to view report.

it is not showing any of these relationships(which it has shown in pathviewer window) in report.

is there anything i am missing?
Please halp me to get proper report

Thanks in advance