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Pinned topic xdime not working, please help! (New to wemp)

‏2006-11-20T18:56:16Z |
Hi all, I've recently installed WEMP with the following software:

Mobile Portal Toolkit 5.101
Rational Application Developer 6 with refresh pack 601
Portal Test Environment 5.1

I tried creating a very basic jsr168 compliant html/xdime portlet. When I started testing the portlet, I used Firefox user agent switcher with several different mobile user agents. However, it never even displayed the xdime version of the jsp, no matter which mobile user agent I used, it always ended up rendering the html verion of the jsp. I added some debugging messages in the java source file and it shows that the markup is "html". When I tried to hardcode the java source file to use the xdime jsps, it would output nothing. Has anyone had this problem before? Any pointers?

Thanks in advance.