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Pinned topic MetaBroker for Common Warehouse Metamodel(CWM)

‏2006-11-11T11:17:02Z |
Where/ how can i get/ download the metabroker for the Common Warehouse Metamodel(CWM)? In general is there a place(in the IBM pages) where i can download a specific metabroker? (i even have a partnership id that lets downloads possible but i dont find a relevant place)

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    Re: MetaBroker for Common Warehouse Metamodel(CWM)

    ‏2007-06-18T01:56:15Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Reponding to an old post, only recently found this forum.

    There might not be a metabroker for the CWM with MetaStage or DataStage 7 however there are a lot more metadata brokers and bridges with the Metadata Server and DataStage 8. After installing the Metadata Server and installing the metadata import/export Manager I can see a bridge for importing metadata from IBM DB2 Warehouse Manager (CWM XMI).

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