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‏2006-11-10T18:36:39Z |
If we need to identify different record types within a retailer file , does
Data Stage have a restriction that the identifier used to differentiate between the two records must begin in position 1 for a fixed length file, and also must be a consistent length for all records and for a delimited file, the first field must contain the identifier. Can it be flexible and if so can some one explain as to how?

What the user truly needs is the ability to specify the starting position, length and value of the identifier for each record type For delimited files, the record type shouldnt be limited to the first field.


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    Re: Record Types in Data Stage

    For the Multi-format Flat File stage, you can specify various record types. The record ID does not have to be in column 1, but it MUST be in the same column across all record types.

    I think you could use the delimited file stage with constraints to break out the various record types, and have more flexibility.