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Pinned topic (100) Continue errors when calling a web service

‏2006-11-07T20:46:36Z |
I have created a client in WSAD to call a web service written in .NET. I used the Web Service Client wizard to generate proxy classes. For most of the web service calls I make, this works fine, but I am having trouble with one call that is passing a very large body text (about 246,000 characters). When I call this from my client, I get an exception thrown. The only error message is the (100)Continue error.

Now, according to the HTTP1.1 spec, this is sent back by a server to indicate that it is okay to send the message body. A client should respond by sending the request again, but the default behavior of the WSAD-generated proxy classes appears to be to just throw an exception. Is there some way to get the proxy client classes to send this message properly?