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Pinned topic Saving changed members using RSE doesn't work

‏2006-11-03T11:48:18Z |
Hello everybody!

I am expiriencing some problems using the RSE. While browsing existing members and creating new members works fine, it is not possible to save a changed member using the LPEX editor. If I do so, the changes do not affect the iSeries, but only a temporary directory on the PC. When I open the file again using RSE, the change is visible. But PDM shows me that the member has not changed on the iSeries.

According to the documentation I have read, the change should be made immediately on the iSeries.

Does anybody know why the changed file is not saved? I do not see any possiblity of issueing a commit-command or something like this... Is it possible that I need to install some (more) PTFs? Is there an option to make the changes on the iSeries immediatly?

Andreas Wagner