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I have created one req pro report template to capture the UC requirements details. In the report node type, I have given the Artifact ID as:


But I am getting an error saying that the .RQS file does not exists. Is there any special way to give the path to the remote req pro project file?

Then I tried mapping the remote path \\remoteserver\folder1\folder2 to Z:\ and then tried giving Z:\reqpro\reqpro.rqs. Still I am getting the same errror.

Then I tried mapping the ARTIFACT_REPOSITORY to \\remoteserver\folder1\folder2 through the projectconsole maintenance tool then gave the Artifact ID as:

ReqPro:Project:Path = ${ARTIFACT_REPOSITORY}\reqpro\reqpro.rqs. Still it says, .RQS file does not exists.

Can you let me know how to specify a .RQS file residing in a remote server?

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    Re: Accessing Remote reqpro project


    Here is a few things I have found useful. If you have not tried this already you could try:
    1. Ping the machine that holds the ReqPro project from your remote machine.
    2. Use fully qualified name in the path of your project for the machine name for e.g. \\\folder1\reqpro.rqs
    3. When you use Open project wizrd and 'Add' your project, make sure you can validate the connection to your database before you open the project:
    i.e. Select the name of the project in the Open Project wizard and select the 'Properties' button, you should see three buttons on the resulting dialog, Configure, Account Info and Validate. Select the validate button and if all is well you will get a dialog that says 'Database is valid'
    4. If all of the above fails you can use ReqWeb to connect to the project over the web via your browser.

    Hope this helps.