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‏2006-09-22T23:25:50Z |
Great series, very good drupal handbook!

I have been following the setup for Linux and everything worked fine on my Mac except for the fact that I still have warning signs next to all files that point to an include file. The error message is always the type:

Include filename: './includes/' doesn't exist in project: /Volumes/data_mini/Documents/workspace/drupal_development. drupal_development/includes line 359 1156904687092 1072

I checked the path and it shows up correctly in phpinfo();
I also restared Eclipse and I tried adding the path to the project properties. No luck.

Any ideas?

Thank you,
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    Re: Path issue with Eclipse

    Hello Dennis.

    Thank you for reading the articles!

    I believe the problem you're having can be resolved by setting the include_path in the php.ini file ( However, Stephen just showed me a better way of doing this in Eclipse using the following steps:

    1. Open your Eclipse drupal project.
    2. Select Project->Properties to display the 'Properties for...' dialog.
    3. Click on the PHP Property Settings item in the left column.
    4. Add any include paths you need.

    Hope this helps.