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Pinned topic RAD6 with Crystal and Ideal/Datacom

‏2006-09-13T16:00:46Z |
Hi all,

We're trying to bind a Crystal Report, which is embedded in RAD, to an Ideal/Datacom database. Here's what we've tried so far:

  • We tried using an ODBC connection that is already working and rightly configured on our computers. Everything is fine in the developper but when we're running it it gives us a JNDI error... I'm still trying to figure why its trying to use the JNDI if we provide an ODBC connection...

  • We've tried using a JDBC connection to our DB with the same parameters as our existing DB connections and we're getting a very specific and understable error message --> Error: Null Message Null... I don't think we can ask more right?

  • So since it absolutly wants to use that JNDI stuff we tried to configured one on our local server. When everything is setup and that our drivers and impletation classes are setup and we're clickin on that "Test Connexion" button, we get a Not_A_Phase_1 driver error or something like that. For sure we tried to search for some info on the internet about how to setup that with no success (Well its not different from anything were trying to search about RAD on the web...). Whats weird is that we also have a DB2 connection using JNDI on our server and that its working just fine...

I would really appreciate some help in here for that, cause we're pretty lost :(

Thanks for your time and support :D