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Pinned topic Datastage 2GB limit patch?

‏2006-08-25T20:11:18Z |
I am hitting the 2GB limit in a hash file. I was wondering if there was a patch for DataStage Version 7.5.1.A to increase the 2GB limit. Thanks!
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    Re: Datastage 2GB limit patch?

    There's no 'patch' for this. The 2GB limit is inherent in the 32bit addressing that 'normal' hashed files use. You need to switch to 64bit hashed files in order to break through the 2GB barrier.

    Unfortunately, these cannot be created via the GUI, it must be done from the command line by adding [b]-64BIT[/b] to the end of the command string. If you have the Hashed File Calculator or 'HFC' installed from your client cdrom, it can help supply specific syntax for manual hashed file creation. You'll find it in the 'Unsupported' Utilities directory.