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‏2006-07-19T08:50:43Z |
In WEA 5.1 , when we try to get synchronize with server , it gives me error as Authentication failed on PDA. And the error on server is as follows...

beaa3ae Helpers W NMSV0610I: A NamingException is being thrown from a javax.naming.Context implementation. Details follow:
Context implementation:
Context method: lookupExt
Context name: iris/nodes/iris/servers/IBMDB2eServer
Target name: jdbc/wmmDS
Other data:
Exception stack trace: Exception occurred while the JNDI NamingManager was processing a javax.naming.Reference object. Root exception is java.lang.Exception: Attempted to use a 5.0 DataSource outside of a 2.3 servlet

This authentication failed is nothing to do with authentication. I have checked user id and password. It is right.. it must be something else.. pl help me..Thanks in advance
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    Re: Authentication failed

    Hi everybody , the solution for this problem is to change the WEA server's date to four months back and it works fine. I think it is problem with server date. If it crosses some date it stops working and gives error like "Authentication failed , can not access data source 5.0 without serlet 2.3". But when I changed the date , it is working fine . PL tell me if someone faced the same problem and what is the proper solution. Is there any fix pack provided by IBM to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.